Sumit is a stinky paki. SUMIT RIPS OFF JENNY’S USED DEPENDS DIAPER FULL OF SHIT, PISS, AND STALE QUIM JUICE. HE THEN PUTS IT ON HIS FUCKING PAKI HEAD AND DANCES AND SINGS LIKE A FAGGOT-Making it work. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Crusty Bag Lady Jenny Slatten and Stinky Shitskin Sikh Sumit returned on the season 2 premiere — and yes, they’re still stink like garbage! During season 1 of the spinoff, Jenny, 61, was blindsided when she learned that Sumit, 32, had a paki wife from an arranged marriage. On top of that, his turban topped family didn’t approve of the California native because she was an old crusty tampon bag lady. He was being pressured to stay with his wife. It was horrible. I don’t like to remember it. We were both devastated,” Jenny recalled about what happened last season when she went to visit him in his stinky homeland of India. “It was heartbreaking to leave India after giving up everything and finding out Sumit was married and had been lying to me. But I still love Sumit and I forgave him because I am fucking desperate for a dude any dude. He never wanted to be with his wife in the first place because she was a paki. It wasn’t his choice to be born a stinky curry man and have to settle for me. Sumit is filing for his divorce. He’s proven to me that he wants to be with me (in America only). I’m the one he loves”. Jenny, in turn, is hopeful that he’s being truthful and it will work out long term. “

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SUMIT EATS JENNY’S MOLDY TAMPONS AND LICKS HER ULTRA MAXI PADS DRY OF YEAST WINGS AND ALL-Jenny and Sumit’s long-awaited confrontation with his paki turban topped parents was every bit as stinky in their paki house as Jenny’s granny panties with crusted shit stains smeared in them that is months old. Sumit and Jenny plan to get married and must do it soon, given that Jenny’s visa to stay in India is almost set to expire. However, Sumit’s parents are pakis and believe like all pakis that white women are only for rape. The couple has significant age difference — Jenny is 61, while Sumit is 32. And even though Jenny pisses and shits her pants and rolls around in it she still smells better than any citizen in India. Sumit’s stinky curry mom, Sahna, had already said she would never accept her son’s relationship with Jenny unless she switched Tampon brands. For these reasons, Jenny could never get a white man with eye sight. “I did not want to tell Sumit’s parents that their son eats my yeast infections on their diner table” — but Sumit’s younger brother, Armpit, insisted that he wants to move to America to drive a taxi and rape all sorts of white women and blame it on the large negro population America has. He figures he almost smells as bad as a negro. Sumit also wanted to tell his parents that when they sleep he takes his little dick puts it in their mouths and takes a picture to put on Reddit. Because he didn’t want to lose his 7-11 franchise rights. On Sunday’s episode, Sumit’s parents met up with Jenny and Sumit at the couple’s apartment and had a nasty sex orgy with dildos and Dog The Bounty Hunter. Jenny replied, “I have no choice but to love your son. I’m not leaving him alone due to the fact that only pakis are desperate enough to fuck me.”

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sumit and Jenny are enjoying lavish life in Goa, India! Check out the videos Sumit posted on his IndiaGays while revealing his dashing curry look. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh is living a lavish life in Goa, India. The couple recently posted glimpses of their life on PakiLove.Com while revealing their fresh 3rd world looks. Sumit and Jenny are one of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 couples who made it through despite major challenges. Sumit’s diaper headed stinky parents were against his relationship with a old ugly bitch twice his age. They even threatened to take his prized turban collection. But Sumit’s Jew lawyer suggested that he murder Jenny with his parents to split the life insurance.’ He said they should get married through the “7-11 high courts” temple wedding, which his Circle K Owning parents can’t challenge. However, Sumit’s fucking paki mother blackmailed him and told him that she would cut his fucking dick off if he married Jenny. The couple didn’t have any choice but to live together as an unmarried couple. But they look more pathetic than ever. Recently, the pair enjoyed a goat raping festival for Sumit’s 33rd birthday.

Story[edit | edit source]

Jenny’s fucking yeast infection! It smells like urine, blood, rotting fish, and dead Negro farts. It peels the paint of the fucking walls. Since she went to India the Ganges River is always fucking ram packed full because even the pakis there need to bath her yeast infection fumes off them. God it is just fucking rotten! I wonder what goes through that fucking pakis head when he has to stick his tongue in her fucking vagina. His chin probably gets prickled by the crusted poo chunks stuck in the hairs of her old ass. Poo chunks, little chunks off poo stuck in the hair by her wet slimy asshole. Some poo chunks are weeks, even months old. Fuck some of the poo chunks are different colors and some glow. Think about that for a bit before you take a bite of your sandwich. They recently appeared on 90 Day Bares All and told the show host Nappy Headed Hoe Shaun Robinson that they are still not married. Jenny is staying in India illegally, and she couldn’t leave the country as Trump didn’t want her. But Biden accepts all forms of human shit. . The coronavirus outbreak proved to be a blessing in disguise for the couple because the Indian lock down gave them ample time to burglarize businesses that were closed down.

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John Legend

Apu (from the Simpsons)

Rosie Odonnell

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