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Culture Shock is an episode of 90 Day Fiancé.


Living with Russ' parents takes a toll on Paola while her wild ways turns up the heat with Russ's friends. Kirlyam struggles in her new setting & misses home. Aziza meets Mike's skeptical family. Louis prepares his boys and ex-wife for Aya's arrival.


Russ & Paola[]

At 88 days to wed, Russ and Paola live with his parents to save money. She is unimpressed with his room and strict parents, who force them to sleep in seprate rooms.

At 84 days to wed, the couple have brunch with his friends. She becomes drunk.

At 80 days to wed, Russ takes Paola to buy clothing.

At 75 days to wed, they go line dancing. She rides a mechanical bull.

Paolo sleeps with Russ.

Louis & Aya[]

Louis was married when he was 20 and has joint custody of their two sons, Donavan and Louis Jr.. He met Aya on a dating site. He discusses his relationship with his sons.

He goes to Tonya's house and talks to her about Aya. She asks difficult questions and Louis becomes defensive. She wants to meet her before she meets their sons.

Louis goes to meet Aya in the Philippians. She always lived with her family and she says goodbye.

Alan & Kirlyam[]

At 87 days to wed, are on their third day of living together in Los Angeles. He labels items and tries to get her accustomed to America. They go grocery shopping together.

At 84 days to wed, Kirlyam packs to stay at his parents' house. They are waiting until after their marriage to have sex. She is nervous about staying with them. He leaves her there so they don't break their pledge.

At 83 days to wed, his parents wake her up before going to work. She is left alone. She talks with her mom, but dislikes being alone and misses her family.

Mike and Aziza[]

At 88 days to wed, the couple travels to Cleveland, OH. He shows her her new home and his dog. They go to sleep without having sex.

At 82 days to wed, she goes to meet his family. When she refuses food because of her nervousness about eating around other people, his family is offended.



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