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Anna-Marie Mistanoglu Campisi is a person in 90 Day Fiancé.





Episode 1[]

She talks to her sons and friend. She meets Mursel at the airport.




"The most important thing in my life are my children. My life revolves around my children. Joey, he's the oldest, he's 15, he's a pain in my ass but I think a big part of that is just his age. At least I'm hoping it is. Gino is 14 years-old. He's a sweet boy, but he's real sensitive. So I gotta always watch what I say around him. Then, there's little Leo. He's 6 and I just, I know you're not supposed to have favourites, but, he's just so cute and I can't help it."" ― Episode

"I'm a single mom, so I do not get much time to myself. But, that's life. The boys' father is no longer a part of their lives and he hasn't been for a couple years. He wasn't the nicest. He was very controlling and it took me a while to get out of the relationship."" ― Episode

"Mursel and I met though a facebook beekeeping group. He just saw me and maybe thought I was cute and decided to message me. The flirting started basically immediately." " ― Episode

"A month or two after we started talking Mursel asked if I wanted to become more serious. He said he had a surprise for me on video chat and then showed me this ring that he got me and asked if I would marry him and I said 'yes'!"" ― Episode

"We planned a trip to meet each other. Right when I got off the plane, and got my luggage, he was outside the door basically, like, jumping up and down waitin' for me. He gave me the biggest hug ever and it was just so amazing to finally get to meet him in person."

  • When I came back from my trip, I applied for the K-1 Visa. Mursel was finally approved and arrives in America next week.""

― Episode



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